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Methane Sensor for Control and Automation

Mourad Baraket



EISG Project Title: Methane Sensor for Control and Automation

EISG Grant Number: 02-08

PIER Area: Strategic Energy Research

Principal Investigator: Mourad Baraket

Contact Information: Phone: (212) 217-2222, email:

Organization: Carthago International Solutions, Inc.

Grant Amount: $75,000

Grant Term: 12 Months


Project Description:

Proposes to research the feasibility of a new gas sensor for the detection and measurement of methane to control/automate the operation of fuel cells.


Proposed Outcomes:

         A bench-scale sensor prototype will be fabricated for extensive tests to determine the sensor performance. The optimal design and operating parameters in the CH4 concentration range of 10-80 volume % will be determined.


Anticipated Benefits:

         Potential to increase the conversion efficiency of power generators at an estimated rate of 10 to 15%.


         Potential to provide a safe and reliable way of collecting biogas for green power generation.


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