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Short Summary

Low Cost Hybrid Inverters Utilizing IGBTs and SCRs

Giri Venkataramanan



EISG Project Title: Low Cost Hybrid Inverters Utilizing IGBTs and SCRs

EISG Grant Number: 00-30

PIER Area: Industrial/Agriculture/Water End Use Efficiency

Principal Investigator: Giri Venkataramanan

Contact Information: (608) 262-4479

Organization: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Grant Amount: $75,000

Grant Term: 18 Months


Project Description:

Proposes to research the feasibility of developing a low cost hybrid inverter/converter utilizing SCRs and IGBTs suitable that could be used in variable speed drives and distributed generation systems such as PV and wind turbines.


Proposed Outcomes:

        Developed computer simulation based on existing models

        Design and built circuit

        Quantification of performance based on working design


Anticipated Benefits:

        May reduce converter/inverter costs by up to 75%

        Increased reliability

        Potential increase in performance output

        May eliminate poor input power quality



o    Full Project Summary

o    Statement of Work

o    Current Status





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